Name: Bethany Wood

DOB: 14th October 1993

Location: North East, UK

Currently studying: interactive media (TV&Film) national btec diploma (level 3) & AS/Alevel in Graphic Design

About: I’m a 16-years-old college student;

I like zombies, unicorns and custard creams.

My diet mainly consists of jam sandwiches.

I’m interested in comics and films, and want to go into the film industry and work on personal comic projects.

I am the artist of ‘Noticed?’ but also write the comic too.

Website: and


Name: Sophie Wright

DOB: 22nd April 1994

Location: West Yorkshire, UK

Currently studying: National Diploma In Graphic Design.

About: Second verse same as the first! I too am a 16 year old college student. I am the 'writer' of the comic, but its a responsibility shared with Beth - We pretty much both write it together.

I aspire to be an illustrator - graphical, technical, name it and I wanna pen it.

My main inspirations in life are Art and Music,

I like indie flicks, Street art and Radio shows